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17 May
COVID-19 Update: Restrictions Update

The surge in the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths in Trinidad and Tobago has continued almost unabated over the past few weeks with new cases being reported by the hundreds each day.  This surge has exerted significant...

30 Apr
COVID-19 Update: Restrictions Update

To date, over half a billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been administered globally. Developed and advanced countries, such as the United Kingdom and Israel, have been ahead of the curve in their efforts to manage the pandemic...

19 Apr
NFTs: Beyond Cryptocurrency and Regulation

You may have seen the term ‘NFT’ in the headlines lately, mostly in relation to the astronomical sums being spent on them. Just last month, a piece of digital artwork sold for a record breaking US69.3 million. What...

10 Dec

When an earlier version of this Article was first published in March 2017, it was stated then that “(W)ord on the ground is that the remaining unproclaimed (and the most substantive) part of the Fair Trading Act (…the...

10 Dec
Fair Trade and Fair Competition Finally Here

After many years, the long-awaited Fair Trading Act (Chap. 81:13 of the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, the FTA or the Act) has finally been brought fully into force.   The Act was first partially proclaimed in 2007.  While...

09 Dec

Bitcoin is back in the news following price surges and the US Congress introducing two new cryptocurrency bills. While the terms “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” have become household words, many of us are still intimidated by them. This Article...