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08 May
Maternity Protection in the Workplace

Pregnancy and motherhood are often viewed as wonderful and exciting times in women’s lives. However, for many working women they can also be times of great vulnerability, generating concerns about health, time off, job security and career progression. There...

23 Jan
Disabilities in the Workplace

‘Ableism’ refers to discrimination or social prejudice against persons with disabilities. It is rooted in the assumption or belief that people with disabilities are incapable, or inferior to nondisabled people. While many people with disabilities are capable of...

24 Oct
Managing Marijuana in the Workplace

E-commerce giant Amazon recently announced that most of its prospective employees will no longer be required to undergo pre-employment screening for marijuana. Amazon will, however, continue to require pre-employment screening for those positions regulated by the US Department...

01 Aug

In my article in the 27th February 2021 issue of the Sunday Business Guardian, I provided my preliminary view on Covid-19 vaccination in the workplace. Since that time, the issue has become even more hotly debated, with many...

23 May
Workplace Health and Safety: The laws all employers should know

There are several laws and legal regimes governing workplace health and safety in Trinidad and Tobago. It is important for employers to understand the full scope of their duties and potential liabilities under each of these regimes, as...

28 Mar
Pranks in the Workplace

April Fool’s Day is almost upon us. While a bit of levity in the workplace can help to improve employee camaraderie and morale, workplace pranks can sometimes go too far, resulting in serious consequences for both employers and...

14 Dec

Navigating customer feedback in the social media age can be a minefield. A single tweet from reality television star Kylie Jenner declaring that she was no longer using the social media app Snapchat caused its stock price to...