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18 Sep
Share purchase acquisitions in T&T

Considering acquiring a local business and not sure of the process? Several things can have a significant impact on the timing and costs of the transaction, high among them is the method of acquiring the business. The structure...

22 May
Take-Over Bids

The most recent machinations of a flamboyant (or perhaps bored) billionaire and significant volatility in the airline industry have stirred up once more a buzz around take-overs. With Elon Musk’s recent take-over bid for Twitter going on hold...

07 Feb
Courting Legal Business Relations

At the beginning of any relationship, it is important to know the other party(ies) involved. While in our small twin island nation where “everybody know everybody” that is fairly easy to achieve in our personal relationships, in our...

26 Sep
The Role and Responsibilities of a Director

Holding a position as a director is typically sought after due, no doubt, to the purported esteem, perks and compensation. Under the Companies Act, shareholders of the company have the power to appoint its directors. Directors are appointed for...

25 Apr
Forms of Financing – Traditional is not always trump

Finding a means of inexpensive, accessible funding is something that most, if not all, businesses will need to do at one time or another – and perhaps even more so now in the current economic climate. While the...

14 Dec
The Path to becoming Listed

In his 2021 Budget Presentation, the Honourable Minister of Finance announced heightened incentives for companies whose shares are listed on the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Market of the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE). These incentives include: ...

08 Dec

For many persons, scheduling an annual medical has become a ritual. Similarly, checking the health of your company (be it an operating company, a non-operating holding company or one of a group of companies) should be regularly scheduled...

16 Jun

THE COMPANIES (AMENDMENT) ACT 2019 IS NOW IN FORCE The Companies (Amendment) Act 2019 was proclaimed in its entirety as at 30th May 2019, by LN 112 dated 29th May 2019.  This Amendment Act serves to amend the Companies...